Paper Light

Our glasses weigh only 4 grams which is less than a sheet of paper. Annu glasses are literally paper light, which means less material, less waste and a product that is more comfortable and pleasurable to use.


Near impossible to break in everyday use.
A combination of highly durable materials and our innovative paperclip concept create an extremely strong and flexible structure, making it near impossible to break

Perfect Fit

Adaptable for the perfect fit. Our temple and nose-pad system comes in three different sizes to create the perfect fit for each and every face.


All elements are modular for the perfect look. Our components come in a range of colour and material options from the lenses; to the frames; to the temples; even the nose-pads.

Our Collection

Creative Workshop

The Annu workshop is a space where products are designed, developed and manufactured. We have designed and built bespoke machines for our specific manufacturing needs, and created a fully operational, in-house design and manufacture laboratory.

It is a place where we can control our standards; how our products are made, and where possible, reduce our waste and impact on the environment. 

Who We Are

We are a team of designers, thinkers and doers based out of Amsterdam, Berlin, Nuremberg and Tel-Aviv. Founded in Germany in 2016 our team came together to create uncompromising products with a mission to create simple, honest and smart design.