Inspired by the humble paper clip, timeless eyewear silhouettes, a passion for design, and a desire to do it better. Our design philosophy is all about simplicity and responsibility.

That is why we don’t overcomplicate; we simplify and refine, treat people and the environment respectfully, and encourage a better approach by placing new technology at the forefront of our thinking.

Less waste, more comfort.

It’s easy to forget you’re wearing them. They weigh, on average, 4 grams (without lenses), less than a sheet of paper. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Our glasses are paper-light.

We design lightweight so it’s more comfortable and better for the environment. Less weight equals less material, less waste and a more comfortable pair of glasses.

We offer something to suit everyone’s personality by considering everything from the shape of the face to what styles and colours people want and need.

We offer ten colours, four temple finishes and too many styles to mention. And all are part of a modular fitting system for the perfect fit.

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Seasonal iterations

Our seasonal strategy is always about doing it better and creating the perfect collection. What works stays in, and what doesn’t goes out. That’s the beauty of 3D printing. It allows us to keep refining without wasteful production or lengthy timelines. So stay tuned for what’s next.

The team

Our design team comprises experts from various fields, including product design, material development, technical engineering, fashion, brand, and colour specialists. We are pushing the boundaries of eyewear design by establishing a collaborative mindset and carefully considering all aspects of the production process, from materials to assembly, to transform the supply chain and deliver a high-quality, consciously made product.

Our benchmark is to design lightweight, timeless, high-quality, long-lasting eyewear – that’s not overproduced or wasteful with its use of materials.

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Clip Collection

We have four distinct collections, the Clip Original, Bold, Fine and Oblique. Each offers classics with a contemporary twist. From Cateye to Panto, each model comes in a rich and sophisticated palette of colours and material finishes.

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