Handcrafted, creative manufacturing with precision engineering.

All our frames are 3D printed using the latest in additive manufacturing. We produce our Temples in-house and assemble every pair by hand here in Germany.

3D printing

3D printing has revolutionised manufacturing for the better. It’s a great way to prototype, design and produce and is highly efficient. The printing process only uses the material required with nearly zero waste. That’s why we 3D print all our frame components. It lowers our carbon footprint and positively disrupts the fast-fashion model by not overproducing, reducing waste and offering more options. For us, it’s the perfect process.

What is it?

3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing that involves building an object layer by layer. This is different from subtractive manufacturing, which involves cutting away at a solid block of material. One of the perks is that we can produce objects one at a time, which helps prevent overproduction. Not only does this transform the supply chain, but it also makes the process more environmentally friendly from start to finish.

The real beauty of the process is that you can make one at a time which means we don’t overproduce, transforming the supply chain and making the whole process from start to finish better for the environment.

nylon frames

Our 3D printing process uses a more sustainable, lightweight, and durable plant-based nylon. This high-performance material not only benefits the environment but also enhances the quality of our products.

Bent titanium temples

We craft our temples in our workshop using a strong, flexible, lightweight titanium alloy. Our unique production process involves pressing, bending, and coating the temples, resulting in almost zero material waste.

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Temple coating

We provide four different finishes for our temples: Raw, Gold, Bronze, and Black. Raw is the original titanium finish, while Gold, Bronze, and Black are achieved through PVD coating. PVD coating is a process where a solid material is vaporised in a vacuum and deposited atom by atom onto the surface. This results in a highly durable coating that won’t chip or scratch.

Assembled with love

Our approach blends technology with craftsmanship, resulting in products that showcase both. Every pair is meticulously assembled by hand with great care, skill and love.

Our assembly team provide the final touches to a meticulously designed and engineered product. Doing it better is always in the details.