This is how
it works

Laser Sintered Frame

All our frames are 3d-printed using the latest in Laser Sintered Additive Manufacturing. This way, we can offer a multitude of colours and styles without overproducing, which means more choice, less waste.

Screw-less Hinge

The screw-less titanium hinge clips in perfectly to any of our 3d-printed frames with its smart interlocking connection. They are engineered with the highest degree of technical sophistication to make them lightweight, flexible and hardwearing.


Our system is designed to adjust the glasses to your face.

Nose-pads change how the glasses sit on the nose in relation to the eyes. Temples take into consideration the distance from ear to nose.

This way, your frames will always be correctly fitted and in the right place. Both the nose-pads and temples come in small, medium & large.

Made in Germany

Patent pending